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Letters of Reference/Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are handled via an online recommendation system which is part of our online application. The host for this process is CollegeNet, the same vendor which hosts our online application. If you have technical difficulties while completing your letters of recommendation, you should send an e-mail to and include your User ID in the e-mail. The technicians at CollegeNet will be able to look at your letters of recommendation and help clear the problem.

On page four of the application you will be asked for the following information:

Name of recommenders 
E-mail address of each recommender

As soon as you submit your online application, an email will be sent to your respondents. This email will inform them how to complete the online Letter of Recommendation. To ensure receipt of this email, please inform each respondent about this email prior to the submission of your application.

If you or your respondent has technical difficulty with the online Letter of Recommendation system, please contact CollegeNet directly at the following email address: or you may call CollegeNet at 503-973-5213. It may be necessary to provide CollegeNet with your user id and/or the name of the applicant or respondent.

If your recommenders have failed to do the online recommendation you are able to go back into the application and remind them. You can leave them a note and another email will be sent to the email address that was provided. 

If your recommender does not want to use the online form, they can go to our website here and print out the form. 

Support Materials

  • Cover Sheet
  • If admitted, mail Final-Official Transcripts To:

    Office of Graduate Admissions
    209 E-Martin Hall
    Clemson University
    SC 29634
  • Domestic Institutions Only:

    To submit a secure (pass-code required)
    final official transcript electronically,
    directly from your institution's Registrar's
    Office , Please use the Following email address
    (all other inquiries should be directed to )

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