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Final Official Transcripts

A copy of your unofficial transcripts from each institution of attendance should be attached to and submitted with the online application for admission. Official transcripts are only required of those applicants who are offered admission. This means you should not send your official transcripts at this time. You will be asked for the official transcripts if you are admitted.

Final-official transcripts must be received by Clemson University in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution. The title of the degree earned and the date awarded must be noted to be considered a final-official transcript. Official certificates or diplomas in sealed envelopes from the issuing institution should accompany any transcripts that do not note the degree earned and date awarded directly on the transcripts.

International Applicants

International applicants should not include transcripts from secondary schools (high school) or any type of certificates other than degree certificates.

Transcript Translations

An English translation of all transcripts is required. Translations are accepted from the issuing institution or translations provided by any NACES recognized credential evaluation service. For a list of NACES recognized evaluation companies, please visit:

Support Materials

  • Cover Sheet
  • If admitted, mail Final-Official Transcripts To:

    Office of Graduate Admissions
    209 E-Martin Hall
    Clemson University
    SC 29634
  • Domestic Institutions Only:

    To submit a secure (pass-code required)
    final official transcript electronically,
    directly from your institution's Registrar's
    Office , Please use the Following email address
    (all other inquiries should be directed to )

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