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Degree Majors - Supporting Materials

Mailing Instructions
If at all possible, supporting documents for Admissions should be included in ONE envelope including your full name, DOB, SSN or NR number affixed to the front of each document.   Please use our Support Materials Checklist to ensure that your materials are properly matched up.  DO NOT STAPLE, BIND, CLIP, TIE OR GLUE ANY DOCUMENTS TOGETHER. Graduate Admissions scans all materials and the above listed will increase the time it takes to process your materials.  DO NOT SEND DUPLICATE MATERIALS. ONLY TRANSCRIPTS NEED TO BE IN A SEALED ENVELOPE.

In order to ensure that your support materials (transcripts, recommendations, etc) are matched up properly with your application, it is required to APPLY first and then request your transcripts from your previous academic work.

Office of Graduate Admissions
E-209 Martin Hall
Clemson University
Clemson SC 29634

Official Transcripts

for Domestic and Permanent Resident Applicants

  • One (1) official transcript of your academic work from each previously attended institution mailed directly to our office
  • Clemson Students do not need to request transcripts
  • Graduate Admissions will not accept faxed copies of any transcripts

In order to ensure that your transcripts are matched up properly with your application, it is required to APPLY first and then request your transcripts from your previous academic work. 

Official Transcripts For International Applicants

  • One (1) official transcript of your academic work from each previously attended institution
  • Graduate Admissions will not accept faxed copies of any transcripts
  • Do not send Secondary (High School) transcripts or any type of certificates other than degree certificates

Applicants to graduate programs at Clemson University must hold a four-year bachelor's degree (or equivalent) or a master's degree from an institution whose scholastic rating is satisfactory to the University. If you are uncertain whether an institution from which you received a degree is a qualifying institution, then you are encouraged to consult with the program to which you intend to apply. Contact information for the various programs can be found here.

Test Scores

  • GRE – Vary by department. Official Scores must be received directly from Educational Testing Service. Clemson’s Institution Code is 5111
  • GMAT – Vary by department.
  • TOEFL – (international students) A satisfactory score is required of international students whose native language is not English.

International Student Financial Certification  
U.S. universities are required by law to verify that students entering the United States on F-1 and J-1 visas have adequate financial resources to meet expenses. This information is provided to Clemson via the International Student Financial Certification Form. A minimum of one (1) year's expenses must be available to the student upon arrival. The Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 visa (Form I-20) or Certificate of Eligibility for J-1 visa (Form DS-2019) will not be issued without the receipt by Clemson University of approved documents verifying availability of adequate funds. All documentation must be current, and signatures must be original. Photocopies or FAX copies of the documentation will not be accepted. A completed copy of the International Student Financial Certification Form should be provided to the Office of International Affairs by mail, to the following address:       

Office of International Affairs
E-302 Martin Hall 
Box 345714 
Clemson, SC

The deadline for submitting this Financial Certification Form is May 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.

Please note that Clemson University requires all fees to be paid on the first day of late registration. Loans and deferred payments generally are not available to international students. Tuition and fees may increase without prior notice.

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Letters of Reference/Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are handled via an online recommendation system which is part of our online application. The host for this process is CollegeNet, the same vendor which hosts our online application. If you have technical difficulties while completing your letters of recommendation, you should send an e-mail to and include your User ID in the e-mail. The technicians at CollegeNet will be able to look at your letters of recommendation and help clear the problem.

On page four of the application you will be asked for the following information:
Name of recommenders
E-mail address of each recommender

As soon as you submit your online application, an email will be sent to your respondents. This email will inform your respondents how to complete the online letter of recommendation. To ensure receipt of this email, please inform each respondent about this email prior to the submission of your application.

If you or your respondent has technical difficulty with the online letter of recommendation system, please contact CollegeNet directly at the following email address: or you may call CollegeNet at 503-973-5213. It may be necessary to provide CollegeNet with your user id and/or the name of the applicant or respondent.

If your recommenders have failed to do the online recommendation you are able to go back into the application and remind them. You can leave them a note and another email will be sent to the email address that was provided. 

If your recommender does not want to use the online form, they can go to our web at: and print out the form. 

Personal Statement
On the personal statement section, you will be asked to answer the following two questions:

A. Why do you want to pursue a graduate degree in your chosen field of study?
B. Why do you want to pursue a graduate degree at Clemson University?

You can cut and paste a prepared statement of purpose into the application.  If you would like to email a copy of your Statement of Purpose you can email to Be sure to include your full name, DOB, and other personal identifications to ensure it is matched properly with your application.

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South Carolina Residency
If you indicate South Carolina as your state of legal residence, you will need to provide a completed copy of form GS 35 - Request for Certification of South Carolina Residency Form. It should be returned by mail to the following address:

Office of Residency Classification
G-01 Sikes Hall
Box 345123
Clemson, SC 29634-5123
FAX 864.656.1831

Supplementary materials
For most programs the items indicated above are all that is required for the application to be considered complete. However, for some programs additional supplementary materials (e.g., specialized personal statement, resume, thesis, portfolio, etc.) are requested to aid with application evaluation. Please be sure to check with your program area to be sure you have all of the necessary support materials provided.

Checking The Status Of Your Application
You may check the status of your application by logging into the Application Status Check. Once your application is received and added to our student database, you will be able to see the information we have recorded about you, the status of your supporting documents, if your test scores have been received from ETS and when an action status regarding admission has been made. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE OUR OFFICE OR SEND E-MAILS INQUIRING ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION. This will only slow the processing of your application. However, if you find erroneous information when checking the status of your application, please notify us at

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Support Materials

  • Cover Sheet
  • If admitted, mail Final-Official Transcripts To:

    Office of Graduate Admissions
    209 E-Martin Hall
    Clemson University
    SC 29634
  • Domestic Institutions Only:

    To submit a secure (pass-code required)
    final official transcript electronically,
    directly from your institution's Registrar's
    Office , Please use the Following email address
    (all other inquiries should be directed to )

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