Clemson University Graduate Student Government

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should include sufficient information so that those not attending the GRADS symposium can understand the nature and significance of your research and the results and/or progress to date.

Abstracts Deadline: March 15th, 2014

For abstract submissions, use the "My Submissions" link under "Presenters" on the left.

Abstracts MUST be submitted electronically via the GRADS website according to the following instructions by the specified deadline. Abstracts should include the following components:

  • A brief introduction - importance of work
  • Objectives
  • Methods
  • The most important findings/conclusions to date

Within the abstract form, please fill in the following information:

  • Abstract title
  • All authors (with the presenter’s name first)
  • The name of your advisor(s) or PI (please indicate if they are in another program or college)

Please consider the following for the abstract submissions:

  • Abstracts submitted by fax or by email will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts received after the deadline will not be published in the GRADS program.
  • An abstract should contain a maximum of 200 words. Tables and/or pictures should not be included.
  • Please refrain from using abbreviations and technical jargon.
  • At least two authors must be listed including the presenting author (first) followed by any coauthors or collaborators and the research advisor (last).
  • All accepted abstracts will be printed in the GRADS Program and be available online to the public.
  • In order to be eligible for an award, the presenters must attend the GRADS Social Hour to be held in the Hendrix Student Center after the conclusion of the poster forum (4:30 PM).
  • Please note that all research presented at GRADS must have received prior approval from your advisor or mentor, co-authors, and any appropriate funding agencies.

IMPORTANT: If for any reason you do not want your abstract published on the GRADS webpage and/or in the GRADS Program, please inform the Graduate Student Government’s Secretary of Research and Procurement by March 15th, 2014. Students not wishing to have their abstracts published may still make a poster presentation at the symposium.

Each poster presentation (not presenters) should only submit ONE abstract of no more than 200 words. For those presenting in groups, please contact about submitting a single abstract from multiple presenters

Please use the following links for help in writing your abstract