Clemson University Graduate Student Government

Poster Submission Guidelines

Posters Deadline: April 14th, 2014 (10 days after the event)

For poster submissions, use the "My Submissions" link under "Presenters" on the left.

Within the abstract/poster form, please upload your poster in either a PDF of PowerPoint format. The maximum size for the poster upload is 5 MB. Creating a PDF of your PowerPoint poster file may shrink the size of the file to an acceptable level.

IMPORTANT: If for any reason you do not want your poster published on the GRADS webpage, please inform the Graduate Student Government’s Secretary of Research and Procurement by April 10th, 2014. Students not wishing to have their posters published may still present at the symposium.

Each poster presentation (not presenters) should only submit ONE poster. For those presenting in groups, please contact about submitting a single poster from multiple presenters

Please use the following links for help in creating your poster:

Please use the following links for help in printing your poster on the plotters at CCIT in the library: