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Fellowships and Traineeships

Approximately 206 outstanding graduate students hold fellowships or traineeships at Clemson University. In order for a monetary award to be designated a fellowship or a traineeship, it must provide the recipient a minimum of $1,000 for the academic year. These awards, received from a variety of alumni, foundation, governmental, individual or industrial sources, require no services. All fellowship recipients are granted the in-state rate for tuition and fees. Payment in excess of actual educational costs is subject to federal and state taxes.

Graduate Alumni Fellowships, R.C. Edwards Fellowships and George R. MacDonald Fellowships are University-wide awards administered by the Graduate School. The Graduate Diversity Award is administered by the Chief Diversity Office. Fellowships are made on a competitive basis to nominees selected by the departments. Scholarly potential and academic excellence are the sole criteria for the awards.

Another fellowship, the Diversity Fellowship, is administered by the Graduate School and the office of Access and Equity. Funding is available for eligible minority students pursuing graduate education. Detailed application information is available in the office of Access and Equity.

Additional fellowships and traineeships are administered by the individual colleges and departments. Some awards, such as the Industrial Graduate Residency Fellowships, may limit the student's research to areas of interest to the donor and require a period of residency at the industrial site. Detailed information is available in the colleges or departments.

Unless otherwise stipulated by the grantor and/or donor, holders of fellowships or traineeships are required to enroll in the same minimum credit load as is applicable to departmental graduate assistants. Continued receipt of any fellowship or traineeship is contingent on the student's maintaining a satisfactory academic status. Normally a student cannot hold concurrently two or more fellowships or traineeships (or the equivalent thereof) administered by the University, regardless of the funding sources. Fellowship recipients are eligible for appointment as departmental graduate assistants.

Fellowships and traineeships usually are offered in early March. Inquiries may be made to the department of the student's major interest or to the Graduate School.

You can find more information regarding Graduate Student Fellowships on the Graduate School Fellowship Page.

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The Office of Student Financial Aid administers federal financial aid for graduate students. Many types of federal aid, such as the Federal Pell Grant, are not available to graduate students. However, the Federal Stafford Loan has extended loan limits for graduate students and is available to most students regardless of income.

US citizens and eligible non-citizens can apply for the Federal Stafford Loan by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The suggested deadline to apply is April 1 for the following Fall semester.

Graduate students accepted into a degree program may borrow funds to cover their established cost of attendance, less any fellowship stipends or fee waivers, up to $18,500* per year.

Further information and application forms are available from the Office of Student Financial Aid, G01 Sikes Hall, Box 345123, Clemson, SC 29634-5123.

Eligibility for Loans

In order to qualify for a loan, graduate students must be enrolled in at least five credits in a regular semester (fall or spring) and three credits for the summer in any combination of enrollments. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to deny loans in the summer when abnormal enrollments may be contrary to federal loan regulations.

Special Employment Restrictions

Graduate students who are employed in programs administered directly or indirectly by Clemson University and are found to be in default on payments of student loans will be subject to wage withholding (garnish) according to Legislative Authority P.L. 102-164; To U.S.C. S1095A et seq.

* All fees and charges listed are subject to change without notice.

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