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General Forms

NOTE: Most of these forms, including the GS2, are fillable Adobe PDF documents, meaning they can be saved with your data in them. You can fill out the forms and save your data by downloading the forms to you computer and then opening the files directly in Adobe Reader. If you don’t have the free Adobe Reader, download it from Adobe's Web site.

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Chrome / Safari Users: Be aware that Chrome and Safari’s PDF display modules will allow you to fill in the forms but will not allow you to save the data in them.

Form Description
GSSMC Support Materials Checklist
GSAD Charge of Academic Dishonesty forms
GSAPPEAL Appeal of Dismissal or Denied Admission
GS2 Plan of Study
GS2-14 Masters En Route to Ph.D. Degree Curriculum
GS5D Results of the Doctoral Degree Comprehensive Examination
GS6 Request for Senior Enrollment in Graduate Courses
Request for Combined Bachelor's/Master's Education Plan
GS14 Request for Change of Degree and/or Major
Name Change Request
Clemson University Name Change Request
GS35 Request for Certification of South Carolina Residency
Application for Re-Entrance
Request for academic renewal following absence of two years or more
Application for Re-Entrance
Graduate Application for Re-Entrance (formerly GS36)
Form maintained by Office of the Registrar
Titles & Related Information Table for Departmental Graduate Assistants
Request for Enrollment in Graduate Course 799
Graduate Assistant Tuition Remission Form
GSCV Recommendation for Course Revalidation
GSaiA Graduate Academic Integrity Request to Waive Academic Integrity Hearing
GSaiB Graduate Academic Integrity Student Rebuttal of Charge
GSaiC Graduate Academic Integrity Report of Finding
GS-g-A 2011 Academic Grievance Filing

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