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The student affairs program prepares future student affairs administrators and student development educators who are experts in assessing and promoting the intellectual, emotional, recreational, social and spiritual facets of student development on the higher education campus.

About the Program

Mission Statement

The faculty of the counselor education program is dedicated to educating and training counselor education professionals to function in culturally diverse settings. The programs are designed to provide a challenging yet supportive environment that promotes professional orientation, practice, commitment to inquiry and self-awareness.

Graduate education in the counselor education program is designed to help you realize your potential as a practicing counselor and administrator, engage in professional relationships and develop a set of meaningful professional values. To this end, the program reflects current knowledge from lay and professional groups concerning current and projected counseling and human development needs of a pluralistic society. Cultural considerations are emphasized so that your experiences will be rewarding and useful in today’s ever-changing society.

The faculty, recognizing the uniqueness of human beings, seeks to identify and extend the knowledge, skills and dispositions that are required by counselor education practitioners. This emphasis on uniqueness is communicated to all students so that they will be able to communicate the same acceptance to their clientele.

The faculty is dedicated to the recruitment, retention, education and training of diverse counseling professionals. In order to prepare competent practitioners, the faculty, through a program of planned educational experiences, attempts to develop the following in each graduate:

  1. Respect for the dignity and worth of the individual
  2. Commitment to the fulfillment of human potential
  3. An understanding of educational and counseling processes
  4. Knowledge in a particular field of counseling
  5. Competence in the application of professional expertise in counseling
  6. Knowledge of the role and function of professionals in related fields
  7. Commitment to inquiry
  8. Maturity in self-development.


Testing Requirements:

Passing the departmental comprehensive examination process, including a written exam, is a requirement for the degree. Upon completion of 33 hours and advisor's permission, students are eligible to take the comprehensive examination. Each student is allowed to take the written comprehensive exam twice. Failure on two examinations results in dismissal from the program.

Student Organizations:

Student Personnel Association (SPA)
Chi Sigma Alpha – Edward Grandpre Chapter

For additional information, please contact the program coordinator (Pam Havice)

Application Requirements

Required Documents

For additional information, please contact the program coordinator (Pam Havice)

Financial Aid

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Course of Study

Program of Study

The Master of Education degree in Student Affairs prepares students for positions in all areas of student development services in higher education. The program consists of course work related to student development theory, counseling and programming for student services. Full-time students can complete the required course work in two years. Please download and read the Student Handbook (pdf) and the Student Affairs Field Experience Manual (pdf).

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