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Jobs in marketing and survey research are numerous and expanding, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Positions in this field have increased dramatically in recent years. In the last decade two major forces have changed the nature of employment in the US. First, the information revolution has changed how firms use data to understand and manage customer demand. The use of credit cards, bank and grocery cards, online shopping and customer databases generated by sales and inquiries have created a wealth of consumer information and offer advantages to those who can evaluate and assess consumer preferences, sentiments and consumption patterns. In a knowledge-driven economy, the ability to use these kinds of information to better serve customers is a competitive advantage. Second, global competition has placed a premium on jobs that can improve the likely success of new products, more effectively target consumers’ wants and needs, minimize inventory levels and reduce the costs of advertising. This is what market and survey researchers are charged to do. These jobs will be central to success in the 21st Century economy. The MS program is designed to prepare students to participate in this important and exciting field.

For additional information, please contact the program coordinator (Michael Dorsch)

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For additional information, please contact the program coordinator (Michael Dorsch)

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The Department of Marketing at Clemson University offers the Master of Science (MS) in marketing degree, intended for students interested in advanced studies in analytical marketing. The program is intended to advance your knowledge and expertise in marketing theory and practice and prepare you for a career in marketing analysis, research, management and scholarship. A coordinated curriculum of quantitative and analytical skills development, research methods, consumer analysis and strategic marketing analysis will provide you with the necessary background to pursue a career in marketing and/or as a platform for further education to prepare you for a career in academia. This is accomplished through rigorous course work and seminars and a major research project.

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